Angels and Demons

Wooooo!  Arrived in LA with SSP!  We immediately scout the area for resources and harvest energy from the high flux of sunrays.  After assembling sonar and water purifiers, we nourish ourselves from a nearby Yoshinoya, then break formation to gather supplies and intel.

Tom discovers a membranophone trading station

and evidence of earlier navigators

We’ve settled in nicely, despite adjusting to the high atmospheric pressure and climate.  Drum repairs and upgrades successfully completed @ 14:23, can’t wait to fire them up tomorrow!

We will await the transport for Delicious @ ~ 18:30.  Until then we will be in self-stasis.  Feels like there are comets orbiting my appendix!  Maybe I just look forward to the rendezvous.


All Systems Go!

Wow!  Playing drums for All Ages is somethin else.  It’s a great challenge adapting new songs, vibes, and work styles of another group.  Tom, Derrik, and I have been rehearsing since early July, and time sure is flying.  There’s a lot of good hyper energy going on; we’re all focusing as hard as we can!

All Ages initially blew me away in April 09 “From Japan with Love (v4),” when I played with Golda and the Guns, one of the funnest shows I’ve ever played!  Their on-stage cohesiveness and raw energetic banter inspires laughter and release from the crowd.  I also saw Noodles for the first time too, they rock!  Who would have known, 2.5 earth years later, I’d be playing with them both and The Pillows on a tour!  ZOMGoodness!

Gratitude and Raditude.  Some sorrow surrounds me for the time with family, friends, and other bands I will neglect during this journey, but it melts away; they are all with me anyway!  Easily I daydream about sights, sounds, people, places I might experience, until I snap my finger in front of my face to remember I’ll earn every second of this great journey by beads of sweat and dirt from hard work.