The cool Bay chills us out upon our return from LA; we all enjoy a full night’s rest.  The bus and BART ride to Slim’s is unique.  If asked, I would say I’m going to work, but I feel more like a tourist in my own backyard as I’m filming the trip with a Flip, and experiencing the Bay in a new light.  I hop off at Powell to skate by the new Bindlestiff theatre, a mother of my gifts and opportunities here in San Francisco.  Before feelings of gratitude turn too emo, I’m already posted in front waiting for the van to arrive.  The Slim’s sound makes it easy for all bands to soundcheck; the crew is awesome, and their kitchen provides catering for all.

A few tech difficulties and dropped sticks during our set challenged us; I found myself rocking out even harder as Tom’s bass went out during “Let’s Stay United.”  The show goes on!  It just happened to turn back on for the chorus, to everyone’s excitement.  Even though we considered this set our poorest, the crowd connection was the strongest!

Pops and all my sisters even came together to watch!  In the presence of so much family I shouldn’t’ve been so nervous…but any performer knows that is an impossibility.  Still, it’s great to be home!

Big ups to skater homies Tony and Miguel, t’was their very first concert!


The crowd loved noodles tonight!  They have played here often on smaller west coast tours, and always enjoy the city.  With composure and seamless transitions, they thrash through their set, pausing occasionally for introductions and flowery one-liners to embrace the crowd with.

The Pillows KILLED IT!!! (pics soon!)  Their fans rush the front of the stage, hands and arms go up, a vibrating mass of pogo.  I join in during one of my favs “Funny Bunny”  Love that bassline!

At the 509 Sushi where we ate after an explosive Slim’s show, I had a great conversation with Shio (Jun), the Pillows support bass player, who proclaimed his dream to perform with them.  He smiles easily, is the youngest in the group, loves hiking, snowboarding, and soccer!  I smiled at our similarities while drinking our beer, especially at the immense gratitude we feel for the opportunity to travel and play music!  Noodles and the Pillows have been around since ’91 and ’89; fans still show up early just to catch them enter and to hear the soundcheck (and even record it with their phones from OUTSIDE the venue)!!!  As the show’s afterglow dissolves with the beer and sushi in our stomachs, some of us prepare for a night of almost no sleep and gear inventory before the long road to Seattle…

For the moment, goodbye San Francisco!  😉


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