All Systems Go!

Wow!  Playing drums for All Ages is somethin else.  It’s a great challenge adapting new songs, vibes, and work styles of another group.  Tom, Derrik, and I have been rehearsing since early July, and time sure is flying.  There’s a lot of good hyper energy going on; we’re all focusing as hard as we can!

All Ages initially blew me away in April 09 “From Japan with Love (v4),” when I played with Golda and the Guns, one of the funnest shows I’ve ever played!  Their on-stage cohesiveness and raw energetic banter inspires laughter and release from the crowd.  I also saw Noodles for the first time too, they rock!  Who would have known, 2.5 earth years later, I’d be playing with them both and The Pillows on a tour!  ZOMGoodness!

Gratitude and Raditude.  Some sorrow surrounds me for the time with family, friends, and other bands I will neglect during this journey, but it melts away; they are all with me anyway!  Easily I daydream about sights, sounds, people, places I might experience, until I snap my finger in front of my face to remember I’ll earn every second of this great journey by beads of sweat and dirt from hard work.


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